Astrodome's future up in the air


TYLER (KYTX) - Talks are heating up on the future of the Houston Astrodome.

There may be some big changes made to the 48-year-old stadium.

But no one's really sure what to do with it.

To many Texans, the Houston Astrodome is a state icon.

They grew up going to ball games, concerts and other events there. But to some, the Astrodome has become an eyesore.

One thing's for sure, the old structure is in dire need of a bath.

Look at it from a distance and it's still impressive.

But if you look a little closer,well, the Astrodome's getting grungy.

"It's a very robust building," said Astrodome Tomorrow's Chirs Alexander.

Alexander has a dream. He has big ideas for the dome like surrounding the stadium with a giant park.But for now, he has a simpler plan. Give the dome a power washing.

"With a power washing, say if we could do it this summer sometime, it would make the dome pretty and more attractive and more pleasant for all the people going to the events between now and the time that something bigger happens."

These pictures are from a tour inside the dome last year, but the truth is it also looks pretty bad on the outside.

Some people who want to save the dome figure just cleaning it up might help their cause.

So now, Alexander's non-profit group Astrodome Tomorrow has gone on-line to begin a fundraising campaign.

Take a look at this old film as scratched up as it is you can *still* tell the Astrodome was once a gleaming white marvel.

"So it's going to be returned to a really, really brilliant reflective state, which I can't wait to see," said Alexander.

The idea's gotten a polite, but non-committal reaction from county commissioners, but like everything else about the dome's future, it's up in the air.

Alexander figures it'll cost about a half-million dollars to pressure wash the Astrodome.

He's hoping some pressure washing companies might cut the county a deal, just for the publicity.


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