Authorities ask for parents' help to prevent more illegal pasture parties

Authorities are investigating after a massive pasture party and concert drew thousands of people -- many of them underage, drinking and doing drugs.

"We found liquor bottles, beer cans, condoms, cigarillo packages, K2 packages," Van Zandt County Precinct 4 Constable Pat Jordan said.

Investigators say several people were injured, and the sheer number of partygoers made it almost impossible for authorities to get to the scene.

"This was an out of control, almost to the point of becoming a riot," Jordan said.

Word of the party started circulating on Twitter weeks beforehand, but most parents had no idea that their kids were planning to attend an illegal party.

Now, authorities are hoping to educate parents so they know what to look for.

At first glance, it might look like your average party, but authorities say these teens are lucky to be alive.

"People getting knocked out, people getting assaulted," Van Zandt County Constable Pat Jordan said.

Officials say up to 5,000 kids -- some as young as 13 -- showed up to what they're calling the biggest and most out of control pasture party they've ever seen.

"There were no facilities set up, no restrooms, there was no security, no emergency services or anything provided for all these thousands showing up," Jordan said.

"There would be people coming out saying, 'I've been hit by a beer bottle,' and the young ladies have got matted blood all in their hair and all over them, where they've been hit by flying beer bottles," Van Zandt County Precinct 4 Chief Deputy Bob Keltner said.

Organizers called it 'Project Beall 3,' and the party's location was kept top secret until just before it started to keep police guessing.

"They'll give you the address a few days before the party," Jordan said.

Using the hashtag #PB3 on Facebook and Twitter, partygoers voiced their excitement about the big night, but law enforcement officials say that even the promoters weren't prepared for just how many people showed up.

"We think they were expecting probably 1500 people...and next thing you know, boom, you've got two to three times that many people show up," Jordan said. "And I think it caught them off guard, too."

The Van Zandt County Sheriff and Constable's Office responded shortly after the call came in around midnight -- and got to the street where the party was happening -- but because of the thousands of cars blocking the road, it took them five hours to get to the physical location of the party.

Keltner says if anyone had been more severely injured, they could have died before help could get to them.

"If you consider two injured people per ambulance, and you ended up with 10 people or 12 people, that's every ambulance in the county, and some of them would be almost an hour away," he said.

"Our main concern is the kids themselves," Jordan said. "We do not want anyone's child to lose their life at some type of function like this."

Authorities say other parties are already in the works -- using social media to bring in more kids. They're urging parents to step in and check their kids' social media accounts before that happens.

"I don't know anybody in their right mind that would want their daughter or son at an event like that," Jordan said.

They may not have been expecting it before, but officials say next time, they'll be ready.

"If we've got to work overtime seven days a week, we're going to be prepared for it next time," Jordan said.

A popular rap group was supposed to perform that night, but they left without ever taking the stage. CBS19 spoke to their manager on the phone, and he said the promoters couldn't keep the crowd under control, and it was just too dangerous.

CSB19 also called one of the landowners of that property where the party was held, but he declined to comment.

The incident is now under investigation by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Texas Comptroller's Office.




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