Bad credit a dating deal breaker for singles

Bad Credit

TYLER (KYTX) - Bad credit may be a dating deal breaker for singles. A new survey from shows more than half of men and 75% of women say credit scores play a role in their dating decisions.

Most men and nearly all women thought it was more important, or just as important, as career ambition, physical attraction and intimacy.

22-year-old Ashley Gentry says she sees a long future with her boyfriend, Bryan.

But, before their relationship began, Gentry had to make sure he met a major requirement on her checklist.

"I was looking for someone who could manage their money well."  

She says she found that in Bryan.

"It's very important because I don't want to struggle when I'm married." she says. 

Ken Allen with Austin Bank says although credit scores may be an awkward topic, they're something couples should be talking about, especially before marriage.

"Half the time, they know the other person has bad credit, but sometimes they don't. And, it can really be a nasty surprise."

Because a bad credit score can restrict couples from many things.

"Car loan, or even, maybe cell phone, or rent an apartment, but what really comes into play is if you're trying to buy a house." he says. 

That's because the lower score is taken to determine the mortgage payment.

"If you had a 750 credit score, your new husband had a 605 credit score, well, they're going to use the 605. And, you're not going to qualify for a mortgage." he says. 

"I would not want that." says Gentry. 

So, what can you do to reverse a bad credit score?

"The best thing to do- the only thing to do really- it's time and getting new credit on there that is paid on time." says Allen 



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