Baytown teacher accused of molesting 2 elementary school students

BAYTOWN (KHOU) — A Baytown teacher is accused of sexually molesting two young girls years ago when they were students at Highlands Elementary School. Norman Christopher Slaughter, 46, was charged with two counts of indecency with a child.

One victim said Slaughter molested her when she was in his third grade class in 2002. She said she told several people about the abuse over the years, but no one believed her. The girl said in 2009, she also told a school counselor at Highlands Junior High School.

According to investigators, the little girl faked sick one day because she did not want to go to P.E. class. Slaughter allowed her to lie down in his classroom while the other students went out to play. While she was lying in a chair, Slaughter allegedly put his hand up her skirt and molested her. He then exposed himself to her and forced her to touch him, but stopped when the other students returned to class.

After the other students were seated, Slaughter allowed the girl to remain lying in the chair. He then put on a movie and turned out the lights. While the kids were watching the movie in the dark, Slaughter molested the girl again, according to court documents. He stopped when the bell rang.

Another victim said "Mr. Slaughter" molested her also back then. She said he would repeatedly keep her out of P.E. class, claiming he needed to tutor her. When he and that girl were alone in the classroom, however, he would molest her. The girl said that Slaughter would make her sit on his lap, then would unzip his pants and rub her body. He would push her off of his lap whenever he would hear a noise, investigators said.

That girl told her mother what happened when she became a freshman in high school. The mom did not report the alleged abuse to law enforcement, but did seek counseling for her daughter.

The mother was taking her younger daughter to orientation at Highlands Elementary School in September 2012 when she saw Slaughter. Fearing they would put her child in his classroom, she then reported what her older daughter said happened years ago.

Investigators confirmed that during the time of the alleged abuse, Slaughter was the health, math, science and social studies teacher for both girls. They also checked with the Highland Junior High School counselor from 2009 and confirmed that one of the victims spoke about the abuse.

Charges were filed and Slaughter's bail was set at $60,000.

Investigators fear there could be more victims.


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