BBB warns against text message scams

(CNN) - It sounds like a holiday treat, but don't buy into it so easily, it may be a scam.

It works like this -- you get a text message from a place you may shop at all the time like Best Buy or Target -- telling you that you've won a gift card. The Better Business Bureau says it's one of the top 5 scams going around right now -- and these things always pick up around the holidays.

The message usually tells you to visit a website and use a pin number. Then it wants your personal information. That's a red flag. Also beware of any deals that say you need to front some money before getting your so-called free gift. And -- check directly with the retailer. Both Target and Best Buy say they've been warning people about this scam.

"You can't escape it.It's really not going to stop anytime soon so it's really important that consumers are aware this is going on and when this does pop up to really pay attention and just delete!," says Peggy Penders of the Better Business Bureau.

So how did these so called scammers get your cell phone number? Well -- they send messages out to tens of thousands of random numbers and yours just happens to be one of them. The BBB says do not reply because then scammers know that the number belongs to someone, and you may get even more messages.


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