BBB warns Target breach could lead to additional scams

BBB warns Target breach could lead to additional scams

(KYTX) - In store Target customers are all getting a 10 percent discount on merchandise Saturday and Sunday. It's Target's way of apologizing after a recent scam tapped into Target's system, putting  thousands of customers credit and debit card  information in jeopardy.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey finds out, shoppers like the discount, however the effects of this scam has the potential to create more problems. 

Tis' the season for shopping and Target customers have done a lot of it.

"There's a store full of things," said Target shopper Sandra Bailey. She's one of 40 million customers who's at risk for having their credit or debit cards info breached.

She said, "That happens quite often, Target isn't the only one this hasn't happened to."

 Target released information this week explaining between November 27 and December 15, the store's system was hacked. In the process millions of customers credit card and debit information was compromised. The company has apologized for the mishap, but to take their apology further they're offering a discount.

"They apologized and they took care of it. I think it's okay, and that  10 percent today was kind of a surprise for me, it was a treat," said Bailey.

Since the breach, customers have been urged to double check their bank statements, change  their pins and even get a whole new card.

Even so, the Better Business Bureau said, the scam may not stop there.

"Something this highly publicized makes the opportunity  great for scammers to take advantage of this and pretend to be from  target, or a bank or credit card issuer, phishing for your personal  information," said the BBB Marketing and Communications speaker Nancy Crawford.

The BBB said Target customers should be on the lookout for phony phone calls or emails relating to the breach.

Bailey says, despite the concern for scams, she doesn't blame Target.

"We should realize that there are people that want to take advantage of people anyway, they'll just jump  at the opportunity, that's not targets fault."



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