BBB: When getting your pool maintained, look for reputable business

BBB: When getting your pool maintained, look for reputable business

TYLER (KYTX) - Looking out for your own safety is very important when it comes to pool maintenance. With over 770 reports filed against pool maintenance companies, the BBB says before hiring someone, do you homework.

It's a typical hot summer day at the U-T Tyler pool.

"And I was like there has to be sharks under there."

Lillie and her older sister Ella Mitchell reflect on their younger days with trips to the pool. Now at 10 and 7 they know what pool time is all about., as Ella points out the fun things to do at the pool.

Keeping the water safe for little swimmers like the Mitchells is very important. The BBB says many personal pool owners have trouble finding the best person to maintain their home pools.

They some of the problems range from incomplete jobs to poorly done jobs.

Kaylen Burgess with the BBB says it's mistakes like that can leave people vulnerable. In 2012, over 770 reports were filed with the BBB against pool maintenance companies for things just like that.

"But you definitely want someone that you have a good agreement with and having it and having it written is always better," said Burgess.

Pool specialist say a clear pool doesn't always mean a safe pool. They some one of the biggest maintenance problem is with the chemical structure and they say, if it's wrong it could be very dangerous.

Misty Craft is a lab water specialist at East Texas Pool Services. 

"If the acolytes are off you tend to have skin rashes eye irritations and then if the chlorine is not there then you don't' have a disinfectant...that can cause some problems down the road, " said Craft.

Problems like stomach aches, vomiting and you could even damage your pools filtering system.

The Mitchell girls mom Anna Mitchell avoids those problems by bringing her children to a pool she believes is maintained.
"So I'm really just trusting the facility to know what they're doing," said Mitchell.



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