Be a "Dad on Purpose" for your children

TYLER (KYTX) - Chris Taylor and Steven Day realized they had very common views on parenting and fatherhood. They say unfortunately, nowadays, the role of father has fallen on mothers, grandmothers, and even government agencies. They say it's time for dads to take back their role as father in the family.

That's why they co-founded "Dad on Purpose" and began writing advice articles online as a resource for other dads who need guidance.

Steven day is the father of a young boy and girl.

"I took very seriously this notion of being a parent and my opportunity to raise amazing human beings."

And, that meant being the father he never had in his own life.

"My dad wasn't there engaging me, initiating me into manhood."

Day says he's learned being a successful father is all about getting educated and finding a mentor. For him, it was his uncle.

"He really made himself available to me to constantly ask questions and spend time with- discussing things like marriage and parenting."

On this Father's Day, he encourages dads to listen to their kids and make them feel validated.

"Even if it's things I don't enjoy. I know a lot of dads who don't have interest in having a tea party with a little girl and doing the dress-up and stuff because that doesn't interest them. But, I would challenge them to- that's what you've got to do."

Of course, parenting doesn't come without hardship.

"It is something that takes energy and sacrifice and discipline and effort. And, it isn't easy."

But Day says, above all else, it's worth it.

"Be willing to lay aside what you want for them. And then, you'll find you have everything that you've ever desired."






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