Beating the back-to-school blues

Beating the back-to-school blues

 TYLER (KYTX) - Students are back to school after a long summer off, or maybe it's their first year ever in the classroom.  This transition isn't always easy for kids. But, there are ways to help them beat the back-to-school blues.

Tyler children's counselor Janice Younger says some kids handle school very well, but others just don't get into the groove, and that's ok.

"That's how it is in real life too. We're not always comfortable in places where we work or where we are going and doing activities. But how do we survive that? That's the real challenge right there."

Younger says we have to teach children problem solving.

"If i did that, what would be the consequence of that? And then trying it... And, if you fail, it's ok. Try and try again. You have to be empathetic with your children. You have to not put them up to a standard where they have to be perfect."


Younger says perfection is not meant for growing children.

"The thing that the parent can learn to do is be empathetic. In other words, say 'oh, i'm so sorry that happened to you. Let me help you think of a better way to handle that critical person or the girls making fun of you, or that boy looking at you wrong. Or, if you're having problems with a teacher.. And, do you want me to go and talk with him?'"

This requires an open line of communication with your children and plenty of involvement in their school.

Another tool in beating the back-to-school blues is getting your children into a routine.  They will feel much better about going to school and taking on the day if they've have plenty of sleep, exercise, and nutritious meals.


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