Bedroom camera may tell story of woman's death

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Saturday afternoon, Barbara Hudson was shot in the back in the bedroom of her Longview home. Police say Byron Houston, says he was just "playing around" with a gun and it went off, hitting Hudson. Right now, he is in jail charged with manslaughter. We're told detectives have not watched the video from the camera in her room yet, but the content could certainly have an impact on those charges.

"I didn't know she had the camera in her room until her daughter Malibu told me."

Barbara's Hudson's mother Malinda Weech said when she found out about the camera in the bedroom Saturday while investigators were on the scene, she told detectives immediately.

"And the officer asks me, 'what do you mean in her room,' and I say, 'she has a camera in her room,' she's always been kind of antsy."

Barbara's mother says the main reason Barbara put cameras outside of the house was because someone was breaking into the family's cars. Now why she put a camera in her bedroom, they say that is a different story."

"When you put it inside your house, there's something going on that you might want somebody to see, such as this."

Dawn Davenport and Barbara were good friends.

A week ago, Dawn says Barbara and Byron Houston had a big argument when Barbara called her.

"And I'm like, what's wrong with you and she said, I just took of running in my bare feet just please come get me."

30 year-old Byron Houston is the man police say admitted to shooting and killing Barbara. Investigators say Houston claimed he was just horse playing with Barbara by pointing a loaded gun at her, something he says he's done before. Police say Houston called her death an accident.

 "I don't believe that he was playing with the gun, I don't believe that he was doing this unintentionally."

Barbara's mother says she'll let the evidence on the video tell the story.

"We don't know the true story all the way around ourselves but the police will find out the true story."


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