Beer and Wine Sales in Longview

Beer and Wine Sales in Longview

After getting the 5,375 signatures from registered Longview voters.

The group that organized the petitions, Longview United for Growth, is excited the community will decide whether north and west Longview will remain dry - Or be able to sell beer and wine.

Dawn Stewart signed the petition .

She says she doesn't understand why half of Longview is dry and the other half isn't.

"I think if it's doing so well on the other side of town, it'll do just fine here" - Dawn Stewart, Signed Petition

Longview City Council members met Thursday night and decided to put the measure on the ballot.

"The group says after getting over 9000 signatures on the petition, the support from the community continues to grow." - Kevin Boyce

"I was excited to be able to attend, and see the support." - Kimberly Fish, Longview United for Growth Spokesperson

She adds the reasoning behind the proposition is to attract new businesses.

"we have all the potential of new stores coming in. Once the issue is settled between wet and dry. We will finally be able to showcase Longview to new stores" - Fish

Bobby Ezell also signed the petition.

He says he just wants freedom.

"I feel like it's my right to be able to buy it, wherever I feel like buying it" - Ezell

In Longview, Gregg County, I'm Kevin Boyce KYTX CBS 19 News.



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