Behind the Scenes: The Making of the new CBS 19 news set

(KYTX) - We're saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. 

As you may have noticed, our studio has changed, but it didn't happen overnight. It took more than a year of planning and a lot of work.

The faces have changed since 2004, when CBS 19 news first popped up on television screens across East Texas.

But, this set had been a CBS 19 staple with a few updates here and there.

"The life of a set is about 8 years and that's where we are now," said Dan Delgado.

Our news director, Dan Delgado, was one of the first anchors to sit on this set.

 "A set for a news department, it's like our living room, we're inviting people into our living room. We're inviting viewers into our home," explained Delgado.

We thought it was time to do some home remodeling. So, we decided to just tear it all down and start from scratch, and that was no easy process.

 "When the guys that built this set decided to build it, they decided to build it strong," said J.C. Johnson, Chief Engineer.

But, before we started breaking down the set, there was a year of planning to decide what we wanted and who would build it.

"One day, I happen to mention in front of someone, that my favorite set ever was a set that we had built when I worked as an anchor in Las Vegas. I thought, if I could find the guy that built that set, that would be the guy, the company, that I wanted to go to with," said Delgado.

Well, we found that guy. His name is Michael Wright, a set designer from Los Angeles.

"There's a lot of people who are good designers, but in a studio environment it's a different world," said Michael Wright.

Our management team worked with Wright, who has worked in local news, to design the right set for us.

"One of the biggest challenges in designing a set is to create a background that makes the talent look as good as possible," said Wright.

Wright accomplished that by designing this state of the art news set. The colors are mainly blue and red, colors that really pop in high definition.

Behind the anchors, you'll see three 70-inch monitors that can be used for many different things. They can display our logo, graphics for stories and video.

"It plays off technology more, it has a more technological look to it, and technology is the age in which we live, added Delgado.

At the forefront is a unique, circular, glass desk top branded with the famous CBS eye. It's also featured in different areas around the set.

"The magic of television always takes a relatively small studio and makes it look like a huge room or more than one room," said Delgado.

We were able to accomplish that by adding an area with a completely different look.

It's an area from which you'll see reporters sharing their stories and anchors doing live interviews.

Our meteorologists also have a new weather center with four large monitors to keep an eye on things. 

But, maybe one of the best things about this set, it was partly built by people right here in East Texas.

People who watch our news, people like you, who have helped us become the station you depend on.


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