Black Friday shoppers camp out at Longview, Tyler Best Buys

LONGVIEW, TX (KYTX) -- There is an interesting site at retailers across the country right now. People are already camped out in hopes of getting great deals on black Friday and east Texas is no different.

Two groups are already in line at Best Buy in Longview. Lane and his family take the number two spot.  "I'm here because my parents told me to be here and wait in line," says Lane. 

Before you start feeling sorry for poor Lane, you should know he has a hidden agenda. "I'm hoping while I'm sitting here in the cold they'll buy me a Christmas present while they're inside," admits Lane.  He's already prepared his list.  "I want a Nintendo DDS and a Mac book.  That is what I'm hoping for," says Lane. 

Travis beat Lane in line. He arrived on Monday.  "We've been coming to this about 3 years now and every year we start moving up slowly.   This year we actually got #1.

These black Friday veterans come prepared. "I have my tent. I have two blow up air mattresses. I got five blankets, my lantern, my propane tank, heater and chair," says Lane. 

If you think skipping Thanksgiving and sitting in line in front of Best Buy is a little crazy you're not alone. But, these black Friday fanatics tell me after years of doing this they've made lifetime friends. "I think it's fun being out here meeting people and just sitting here having conversation," says Lane.  Travis agrees, "You just build friendships that way and meet new people."

In the end these guys say the long wait, without a Thanksgiving meal, is worth it for the great deals they're going to get. So far we've seen no other lines at Longview stores but when it comes to electronics, at places like Best Buy, savings can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Lane and Travis are taking turns standing in line with others in the group and family will bring Thanksgiving dinner to them tomorrow. Best Buy opens at midnight black Friday.

Other major retailers are also planning to open at midnight including Target. Wal Mart will be open all night long.


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