Blind Tyler man continues to push employers to hire disabled

Blind Tyler man continues to push employers to hire disabled

TYLER (KYTX) - The push to keep disabled people in the workplace is a constant battle for some people in East Texas and around the country, but it's one they won't give up on.  
One local company is being proactive to make sure people with disabilities get the opportunities they deserve.

Right now, Goodwill is helping more than 200 East Texans find jobs. Several of the company's job programs are specifically for people with disabilities.  

John Jeter has worked at the Walmart on Highway 64 in Tyler since February.  As a "zoner" his job is to organize everything that customers misplace in the store, and he does a great job, especially considering the fact that he can't see anything.  

"I had a brain tumor at the age of 5 and it damaged my optic nerve which left me blind," Jeter says.

Jeter has never let that get him down, even though many people in his life have told him he can't do certain things because of his disability.  

"All that does is add fuel to my fire. That pumps me up because I show people that I can do whatever they said a blind person can't do," he says with a smile. 

A while back he asked the team at Goodwill to help him find a job where he could be treated like everyone else. Just months into his job at Walmart, he was nominated for an award for his hard work.  
His prize was a trip with goodwill administrators to Washington D.C.

"I went out there to tell my success story to some of the people in Congress," Jeter says. 

It was an advocacy trip that Goodwill takes every year to remind lawmakers how important it is to employ people with disabilities, and support programs that help them.  
Jeter got to meet Senator John Cornyn and share with him, his story of strength all in hopes that other disabled people across the country will learn the lesson he learned at a young age: never give up.  

Since January, goodwill has helped 31 East Texans find jobs, and throughout the year, that number will continue to rise.  
Goodwill does not get federal funding, but several programs it works very closely with, like the Texas Workforce Commission, do.  That's why Goodwill continues to advocate for those programs and the people they support.  

For more information on Goodwill job programs, click here. 


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