BodyStrong trainer helping East Texans find Fit City Success

(KYTX) - Getting fit isn't only about losing weight.  A trainer in Longview is showing people how to build a lean and powerful body.  Her approach to health and fitness is creating quite the following and a number of Fit City Success stories.

Emily Click started out as a personal trainer working one on one with people, but her dream was even bigger.  That's how BodyStrong started.

When Emily Click hits the floor with her students at the Courthouse Athletic Club in Longview, they become a family.  "I love it because people push each other and get to know each other," says Emily Click, Body Strong trainer.

Emily gives her students high energy.  "She has such a great attitude," says Michelle Freeman.  And endless encouragement during their BodyStrong class.

"She is so compassionate. She just really cares about people. You can feel that from her," says Stephen Townsend. 

Emily says she designed a program that works for any fitness level in 45 minutes flat.  "I feel amazing. I have never in my life wanted to exercise.  I want to come every single day," says Michelle Freeman.

Emily puts Michelle Freeman and the rest of the BodyStrong family through light weight training, but with a lot of reps combined with some bursts of cardio.  "So, you are getting your heart rate up and burning a lot of fat and getting a lot of long lean muscle that a lot of women and men are looking for," says Emily Click. 

And in just 8 weeks, Michelle says, "I lost 14 inches and 8.5% body fat."  This really is a total body workout.  Emily wants her students to allow their minds to control their bodies.

"Your mind is going to determine your success in this program.  I teach people that you have to believe in yourself," says Emily Click.  "I believe everybody that comes in here."

She shares her students success stories on Facebook hoping to give other people like Michelle hope that you can achieve whatever you want.  "It is just so inspiring to see other girls lose so much weight in such a quick period of time.  It's fun and you feel so good after you leave," says Michelle. 

Emily says she gets to know her clients restrictions and their goals, so she can give them modifications, whether it's toned down or a bit harder to create the body they want.


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