Border patrol uses horses as new weapon for fighting crime

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- The U.S. Border Patrol in Texas is trotting out a new weapon against smugglers. It isn't a gun, or aircraft -- but a horse!

Until you look closely at their mane, and see the unique brand on their necks, you'd never guess that this horse is in a rare breed of it's own: An American Mustang. Who up until a year ago, ran free on the western plains.

Now they've been adopted by the Laredo Sector of the border patrol.

"There's nine sectors along the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border and six of the nine border patrol sectors have mustangs," Sector Chief Robert Harris said. He said they were first introduced as an experiment -- one that has proven itself a success, especially in Laredo. 

"We're the last line of defense because if it gets by us, then it's going to get into the country," Harris said.

None of these horses had been to Texas before. They were rescued out west, trained by Colorado prisoners in a rehab program, then brought here to be named by Laredo school children.

But now they adapt to everything; terrain, mountains and thick brush.

The Mustang crew has been credited with more than 15,000 arrests and scores of drug busts. 


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