Boston Marathon winner and FBI investigator talk with CBS 19

Boston Marathon winner and FBI investigator talk with CBS 19

TYLEr (KYTX) - At least 13 East Texans ran the Boston Marathon Monday, and some saw the explosions with their own eyes. Tuesday we heard from one of them, as well as a former FBI investigator.

That runner's name is Harold Wilson, and he won the Boston Marathon Monday for the age group 80 and up. He is exactly 80 years old and set the course record for his time. But he said there's obviously no way to celebrate the accomplishment in the wake of such a terrible catastrophe.

Wilson calls the win bittersweet. It wasn't long after he finished the race, the heard the first explosion.

"I'm guessing the neighborhood of 10-15 minutes," he said. "I heard the bomb and look up and see a big ball of smoke and in ten seconds or so, heard another boom. Looked up, another ball of smoke and then see people begin to run toward you."

Chaotic moments as he and his East Texas running partner followed the crowd away from the smoky explosions.

"Didn't know if there'd be another one going off anywhere," Wilson said.

He sat in his hotel room, watching the horror unfold on his television.

"People killed," he said. "An 8-year-old child killed. It's just really sad."

We also sat down with former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson, who was a commander in other catastrophes like the bombing in Oklahoma City.

"I'm shocked but not surprised," Coulson told CBS 19. "This has been coming for a long time. The FBI has thwarted a lot of bomb threats and a lot of attempts and we've been very very successful doing that as a country and sooner later it's going to happen."

As investigators look for suspects, Coulson gives us his expert opinion on who could be behind the attack.

"Does this seem like it's domestic?" CBS 19's Courtney Friedman asked him.

"I think not," he said. "I mean we don't know. I'm speculating but given the type of bomb that it was, a picric acid bomb, the Middle Eastern guys like to use those and ball bearings which is a trademark, I think it's probably Middle Eastern."

What he knows for sure is the FBI will continue to comb through evidence until the culprit is caught.

Coulson says the FBI is currently interviewing witnesses, recovering all recordings from cameras at the scene, and doing a forensic exam of the bomb.

On the day of the bombing, there was a lot of misinformation as the story unraveled, including some reports it took federal agents an hour to respond. However, we now know that wasn't the case.  Coulson says the response was almost immediate. He says there's a large FBI office right there in Boston.

Tuesday, investigators also denied reports that several unexploded bombs were found near the scene.

President Obama will visit Boston on Thursday.



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