Brandi Well's mother reacts to Jane Doe renderings: "That looks so much like Brandi"

Brandi Well's mother reacts to Jane Doe renderings: "That looks so much like Brandi"

New computer renderings released Tuesday in a Gregg County Jane Doe murder case led many to believe that Brandi Wells' 2006 disappearance may have finally been explained.

In 2006 forensic experts made a clay model of what Jane Doe may have looked like prior to being killed and burned in the woods north of Kilgore.

At the time, the clay model was all over the news but no one came forward with who she was or how she died.

Just two months earlier 23-year-old Brandi Wells had gone missing from a night club in Longview. In many ways Brandi's story seemed like it matched Jane Doe's. For weeks people banded together and searched all over East Texas trying to find her.

The new 3D renderings of Jane Doe came out Tuesday morning. They were created after Jane Doe's body was exhumed specifically for the purpose of taking advantage of technology that did not exist in 2006.

Almost immediately, social media exploded with people assuming she was Brandi Wells.

"I almost fell out of my chair," Wells' mother Ellen Tant said. "That looks so much like Brandi.">

Tant has believed Jane Doe might be Brandi ever since 2006.

"You try and go through your day like everything's okay," Tant said.

For her, Tuesday was just the latest in a 7-year string of finding hope and losing it again.

"Up and down, a roller coaster, whatever you want to call it, it kind of slings you around pretty good," Tant said.

What made Tuesday so hard was word from the Gregg County Sheriff's Department that dental and DNA testing confirmed that Jane Doe can't be Brandi Wells.

Tant said she has to believe there's a chance they're wrong.

"Now what do I do? Now where do I look? What road do I have left to go down? Because I can sit here and talk until I'm blue in the face to the person, whoever did it to her and they're not going to come forward," she said. "It's somebody else that they've told that I have to wait on for them to decide 'I guess this mother really does need to know what happened to her child.'"

If you have information on who Jane Doe might be, call Lt. Kirk Haddix with the Gregg County Sheriff's Department at (903) 236-8411.

If you have information that could help locate Brandi Wells, call the Longview Police Department at 903-237-1199.


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