Breaking bad cell phone behavior

Breaking bad cell phone behavior

 TYLER (KYTX/CBS) -  Experts say in honor of National Cell Phone Courtesy month, we should all learn proper etiquette to keep the people around us happy.

We sure love our smartphones, but employees at D&N Grocery in North Tyler say there's a time and place for chit chat- and it's not at the cash register ordering food.

"Sir, can i help you? And, they're like- just keep talking on the phone. It's kinda bad."


Cashier Sandy Gutierrez says it's disrespectful to her and the other people waiting in line.

"It makes my job a little bit harder because we barely can understand them and it takes more time. And, we're like, "Can we help you, sir?" And, they don't even hear us because they're on the phone."

It even happened while our cameras were rolling.

Etiquette experts say this is far from polite. Put the phone down when you're paying for something or spending time with loved ones and friends. This shows you value and respect their time.

You should also avoid what's called "cell yell." Keep private conversations quiet.

Gutierrez has some advice for future customers who walk in with cell phones.

"If they're going to order, please order and don't make our time harder."

She says your phone call or text can probably wait until you're outside.


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