Breast cancer seminar on personal risk factors

TYLER (KYTX) - East Texas women are arming themselves with information to protect themselves and the women they love from breast cancer.

One doctor spoke with women tonight on how they can make a personal difference.

Dr. Edward Sauter with UT Health Science Center at Tyler wants all women to know about the dangers of breast cancer.

"I had a friend that has breast cancer, it was quite a while back, but I like to stay up to date as to what's going on," says Pauline Barnes, a retired nurse.

Barnes isn't alone.

Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women worldwide.

Women over 55, Caucasian women and those with a family history of breast cancer are more likely to get it.

But any woman can develop breast cancer, that's why mammograms are so important.

"If detect cancer early, cure rate is almost 100%, if wait, it could be only 25%," says Dr. Sauter.

Dr. Sauter says women with high risk factors can take prevention medication.

"We're not all the way there yet because those are only for high risk women, we need additional interventions for normal risk women," says Dr. Sauter.

The seminar is part of a series called 'Dine with Your Doctor' where you can take a seat, have a meal and ask doctors questions about health issues.

"Ultimately it's really for women to take control themselves through their own lives and their own risks," says Dr. Sauter.

And to arm themselves to protect others they love.

"Share the info, keep it and give it out as need be," says Barnes.

Dr. Sauter says he hopes in the future there are other ways to detect breast cancer that are less invasive than biopsies.


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