Bringing Javan and Roscoe Together

Bringing Javan and Roscoe Together

ELDERVILLE (KYTX) - Javan Olson and Roscoe will spend this week getting to know each other. Roscoe is a silver lab being trained to serve as an assistance dog and if the family can raise the money, he could be Javan's. Javan's mom Krista Olson says the dog would be a big help for her son. 

"Sometimes it's hard to get him out of the house, get him around other people."
Javan has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism that causes difficulties in social interactions. Roscoe is expected to act as a permanent friend, and chaperon for Olson.   The dog will go back to Dallas after this week's visit for more training. 
"Having Roscoe there acts as an anchor. Gives him a routine."
THe dog is being trained by a nonprofit company out of Dallas called "MADE." that stands for Making Assistant Dogs Easy. President Hailey Mauldin is in charge of training Roscoe and says the training takes up to a year.
"When he gets over stimulated Roscoe is taught to sit in his lap, give him a hug, and give him something else to focus on to calm him down."
And that training gets expensive. Each helper can end up costing over $30,000. The MADE Foundation, with help through private donations, only asks the family to pay for a third of that. Javan's parents have just over $2,500 of the $10,000 they need for the training."
"He wants that secure connection. To something that gives him security when he wants it."
The family is asking for help in bringing Roscoe and Javan together.  As a mom, Krista Olson says she can't wait to bring Roscoe home.
"You have to learn all of those little triggers, and ways to prevent them."
A medication that comes on 4 legs.

Donations can be made at any Texas Bank and Trust to the account benefiting Javan Olson Service Dog.


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