Buckner Westminster welcomes community during National Active Aging Week

Buckner Westminster welcomes community during National Active Aging Week

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - It's National Active Aging Week -- and one senior community in East Texas is encouraging people to get active and eat better.

Those two steps they say can help you look and feel younger -- no matter your age.

Staying active at any age -- words Elaine Beckett has lived by all her life.

"I can still do a lot of things that many people can't at this age," Beckett said.

In her younger years, Elaine was the picture of activity - From body surfing to horseback riding. Now at 86 -- she's traded her saddle and swimsuits for simpler exercise -- everyday.

"They're basically things to keep your stomach strong, like 40 leg lifts on each leg and 80 with both legs. And there are stretches where you turn a lot, which is good if you're still driving. It helps you when you have to look over your shoulder," she said.

At Tuesday's Active Aging Seminar at Buckner Westminster Place in Longview -- Beckett said that active life is why she's still driving -- and able to walk without assistance.

"You can take one step at a time," said Woody Terrell, who at 65 teaches water aerobics. "I lost 80 pounds, and I've kept it off for eight years now. I'm in better shape than I've probably been in forty years."

Terrell now encourages others to get active through her own testimonial.

"I had muscle structure again," Terrell said of her body after the weight loss. "I had abdominal structure again. I could walk, and it didn't wear me out."

Beckett says to keep in mind -- getting active reduces stress, increases chemicals that nourish the brain, and decreases depression.

"It helps to prevent strokes that could be a cause of dementia, so it's one way to help keep from having Alzheimer's, maybe," Beckett said.


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