Bullard family opens up about strides in kids living with Autism

Bullard family opens up about strides in kids living with Autism

Bullard, TX (KYTX) -- When doctors diagnosed the Tiller's son with Autism, they went straight to work to see what they could do to make his life and theirs as normal as possible.

They say getting him behavioral therapy as a toddler has made a world of difference, you just have to know where to look for the resources.

Reid Tiller has the same hobbies as any other 5-year-old. "I like playing on the iPad, playing with my toys," Reid said.

His parents say he's come a long way from when they first suspected he may have special needs. At 14 months, one sign was him repeatedly opening and closing the back door.

"I expressed to my husband that this is not typical behavior. If it is interesting to him, it should only be a few seconds and then he goes onto something else. He could do it for 30 minutes, stand there and open and close the door," Julie Tiller aid.

At two and a half, Reid was diagnosed with Autism. Right away, Julie and Chris Tiller, started planning ahead. Research turned them to Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, which helps reprogram how an autistic child thinks as long as its detected early.

"Before that, he would just cry. Because he was my first child, I didn't know what to do. You aren't schooled on how to be a parent," Julie said.

She said work at the Treatment and Learning Center for Children with Autism had her quickly seeing results, especially in Reid communicating.

"Cookie was the first thing. I was so glad to hear him talking that I was just like whatever here's a cookie," Julie said.

She credits ABA for Reid being able to sit in a regular classroom at Bullard ISD. "Now Reid is in Kindergarten, and is indistinguishable pretty much from his peers.

He's getting more independent everyday.

The family is participating in the Tyler Run for Autism on April 13th.


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