Bullard population growth sparks need for new water well

Bullard population growth sparks need for new water well

BULLARD (KYTX)  The population in Bullard is on a continuous rise. As housing developments continue to pop up across the area, the city is now taking steps to ensure that as time goes on, there will be enough water to go around.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains what steps the city is taking to fit the needs of the growing city.

Earlier this month, Bullard city council members approved a nearly 2-million dollar bond issue to fund a new water well. As of right now, a final vote hasn't been made, however city leaders say with the continuous growth, preparations for the future, need to start happening now.

Community members  said weather you're happy with the growth or not, things are going to continue to change.

When J.B. Ralston first built his home back in the 70's there wasn't much else around.

"There was a corn field out here nothing up this way... One little old house was the only thing here."

When he picked this spot of land he was trying to move to the outskirts of town. Now he's right in the middle of it.

"It's just all part of the growing process."

It's a process that's happening fast in Bullard.

"I hope that we can explain it so that people can understand it, growth is coming and we have to be ready for it."

City Manager Larry Morgan said one thing that isn't growing, is the water supply. So he and other board members approved the first steps to a measure that would fix that.

"Once you reach a certain population, there's a formula used...that formula will dictate if you will when you start planning for additional water sources."

in the beginning of July board members plan is to move forward on a 1.9 million dollar bond issue,which would fund a water well.

301 i would say possible 8-10 years ago we would use anywhere between 12-15 million gallons a month now 18-22 million gallons a month now, just with the population growth here in the city."

If approved, the money will be used to find land, build a test well. Once the water is found, a pipe will be installed to draw the water out and carry it to the current water storage facility.

"Just planning for the future, making sure we can meet the demands of the population in Bullard."

Ralson says growth is just a way of life, nothing stays the same.

Sewage infrastructure has already been improved. The system now how the capability to process more than 400-thousand gallons a day... That's more than double of what the system was once able to handle.

The bond is expected to be paid off over the next 15 years

City leaders say, this water well is just one item on a long list of necessary infrastructure improvements. If the bond goes through and the growth pace continues, this well is expected to provide enough water for the next 25 years.


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