Burglars Using Phone Calls to Lure People Out of Homes

Burglars Using Phone Calls to Lure People Out of Homes

Joyce Cobb's brother was involved in a car wreck last week.

She says when she got the call she didn't hesitate to run out the door.

"Well if I got a phone call, I would leave to go to the hospital. I know I did when my brother got in a wreck. I figured when the mother didn't call me it must have been bad so I took off" - Joyce Cobb

While Cobb's experience was real, Marshall Police say criminals are calling random homes and lying about made-up accidents to take advantage of people's grief.

"Marshall Police say the goal of the scam is to get people away from their homes. So they can be burglarized" - Kevin Boyce

Police say the criminals hope people will rush out the door in a panic  forgetting to set security alarms, lock doors, or shut windows. All to create an easy target for burglars.

Brennan Vaughn lives in Marshall.

He says it would be devastating.

"if you got a call you would run out like anyone, and be relieved that it was nothing. But once I returned and saw my things were gone it'd be a big blow" - Brennan Vaughn,

Marshall police say if you get one of these calls get plenty of information, what agency the caller works for, a phone number, and call that agency to verify.

Cobb's brother is out of the hospital and doing well.

But she thinks it's despicable to manipulate people's grief.

"It's playing on people's sympathies" - Cobb



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