Business News: Budget Cuts -- No Sign Of Being Resolved

Business News: Budget Cuts -- No Sign Of Being Resolved

(CBS) - Mandatory budget cuts show no sign of being resolved. A new survey by the National Opinion Research Center finds most Americans want both smaller government and increased spending on popular government programs supporting education, law enforcement, health care, social security and the environment. The public does want to see federal spending cuts to defense, space programs and foreign aid.

(CBS) - Battling forest fires cost federal and state governments more than $580 million dollars in 2012.  New statistics from the National Interagency Fire Center show more than 80 percent of the largest fires were sparked by lightning. The National Forest Service says it went $400 million dollars over budget last year, and has decided to let more fires burn and focus on fire prevention and management.

(CNN) - This could be a sign of a better economy. Wedding site, the knot-dot-com, says brides and grooms spent more money to get married last year than they have since the start of the economic downturn. The site says the average wedding bill was $28,427 dollars. Spending increased in almost every category -- from photographers and DJs to invitations. Couples in Manhattan spent the most -- averaging nearly $77,000 and Alaskans were the most frugal. They spent an average of just over $15,000.


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