Business News: Fake Facebook app warning

(CNN)- If you use Facebook, there is a new, fake app you should not click on, it is a virus. An app claiming that it can change the color of your Facebook profile page, actually loads malware onto your smart phone or computer.  Security experts say more than 10,000 people around the world have been duped.  When Facebook users click on the fake app, it sends them to a website that asks them to watch a tutorial video about how to change the color of their profile page.  By agreeing to watch the video, the users give hackers access to their profiles.(CBS)- If you work for Apple, you are most likely either a white or Asian man.  The technology company released a breakdown of its work force yesterday.  It shows 54 percent of workers in the U.S. are white and 23 percent are Asian.  Men fill 80 percent of the jobs.  The numbers are similar to those released by other big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

(CBS)- It may be more difficult than you think to distinguish between different types of beer, at least when it comes to European Pale Lager.  New research in the Journal of the American Association of Wine Economists shows consumers were unable to distinguish between several brands of Lager when taking part in blind tastings.  The tests included the brands Budvar, Heinekin and Stella Artois.


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