Business News: Home Depot hacking investigation

(CNN)- Home Depot is investigating a hack that possibly exposed its customer payment information.  The company announced Tuesday that it's partnering with banks and law enforcement to investigate quote "some unusual activity" related to customers.  An independent cybersecurity journalist said hackers could have been in a company computer's system from May until now.  Home Depot promises to alert customers if, in fact, their system was hacked.

(CNN)- Get ready for possibly long lines and delays at your favorite fast-food spots tomorrow.  Thousands of fast food workers from McDonalds, KFC and Taco Bell are now threatening nationwide walkouts, massive protests and even civil disobedience this week in their fight for higher wages.  It's the latest in the two year fight to raise fast-food workers pay to at least 15 dollars an hour.  The average pay for fast-food workers is just over nine bucks an hour, that's about 18,500 dollars a year and below poverty level.


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