Business News: Jobs bill to rewrite workforce training

(CNN)- In a rare display of bipartisanship, the senate has passed a jobs bill. With a 95 to three vote they approved a rewrite of federal workforce training programs. These programs are created to improve job skills and lower unemployment.  This vote is a win-win for both parties.  That is because Republicans want to streamline the programs and Democrats want to modernize them to meet the needs of workers and employers.

(CBS)-  Car rental season is in full swing as Americans prepare to make travel plans.  Consumer website Car Hub studied four major cards to see who gives you the best coverage and benefits on rental insurance.  American Express received the highest score of 90 percent for its rental car insurance policy.  Visa ranked fourth.  All cards provided some form of coverage.

(CNN)-  Japan's National Museum of emerging science and innovation has two new humanoid robots.  The adult female android and girl android are part of a permanent exhibit that opened yesterday.  The woman droid can repeat what its operator speaks into a microphone.  The girl droid can also read articles in different voices and languages.



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