Business News: More retailers possibly hit in security breach


(CBS) - The security breach that hit target appears to be part of a broader, highly sophisticated scam that potentially affected a large number of retailers.


That's according to a report from a cyber Intelligence firm that works with the U.S. government.  
It says the breach started in June, and that malware used to gather the information can cover its own tracks, so retailers may not know they've been hit. 

As many as 70 million target customers may have had their personal information stolen.

(CBS) - The price to buy an airline ticket in the U.S. has gone up for the fourth straight year.

About $7 dollars per roundtrip ticket, or two percent.

The average domestic roundtrip ticket was $ 363 dollars last year.

Prices have increased as airlines have merged and eliminated unprofitable routes.

(CBS) - Google says it has developed a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears.

That's potentially big news for the world's 382 million diabetics, who now have to check their sugar levels by drawing blood multiple times a day.

Google says it will take at least 5 years before the device reaches consumers.


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