Business News: Target app allows sales through smartphones

(CBS)- Target will now let you buy things just by scanning a magazine ad using an app for your smart phone.  It is called " in a snap " and it can detect images from 10 home decor magazines.  Similar apps allowed you to scan a barcode, but this technology can detect images or objects.  All you do is scan, and buy.  The app is currently being tested, and is free.  Consumers are encouraged to leave comments for feedback.

(CNN)- Bad news for citrus growers. Fewer Americans are having a glass of orange juice with breakfast.  A report published this week by the Florida Department of Citrus found orange juice sales have hit their lowest level in 12 years.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans bought just over 36 million gallons of orange juice in the four week period ending July 5th.  That sounds like a lot, but it is actually down eight percent from last year.  The journal says analysts blame high prices and a greater variety of fruit juice choices.

(CNN)- Good news for PB&J fans and kids everywhere. Prices are going down.  According to the consumer price index white bread prices have fallen 2.8 percent over the last year.  Prices for canned fruit down 0.7 percent and peanut butter costs 3.8 percent less than it did last year.  For parents, it is great to hear since the average kid will eat about 1500 PB&J's before graduating high school.


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