Business owners have city considering sign code changes

TYLER (KYTX) - It could soon get a lot easier to make your next garage sale or estate sale a bigger success.

Some people here in Tyler are trying to convince the city to let them advertise in more locations.

Right now in the city of Tyler, you're not allowed to post signs that aren't on your own property.

Tyler City Planner Heather Nick said, "Our code only allows for limited off premise signs and that's for billboards."

However, Kent Nash and other Tyler business owners in the estate sale business, say posting "off premise" signs would boost business.

Nash said, "A lot of people were concerned because a lot of them travel out of town, and don't know Tyler, so they would locate the sales by the signs."

In September he met with the city to propose changes.

"We put a petition up to ask people really what they thought about it, and we had hundreds of responses on Attic Treasures Facebook," Nash said.

He says support for the code change was overwhelming.

The City of Tyler is also asking for input on their page Tyler Speaks. There are already a lot of comments in support of changing the sign code, but there are also some community members who are worried about signs becoming litter.

Nicks said, "If it were to change, the proposal would be, say to ask your neighbor, can I post this estate sale or garage sale sign in your yard so it's still considered off premise, but it's on private property."

You still couldn't post signs on utility or light posts near roads, which is what the city calls the "right of way."

"Over the years our Code Enforcement Department has had to pick up thousands of signs that are left in the right of way," Nicks said.

Nash doesn't want the litter or clutter either - just a way to boost business.

"As I see it, we're not the problem," he said. "We pick our signs up."

 There's no strict time line on when we could see changes take place. For now, the city will continue ask for community input.  Then, the Unified Code Committee, made up of Tyler citizens, and the Planning and Zoning Commission would meet, before passing ideas to the city council.

 If you want to voice your opinion to the city, you can visit this site, and post:


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