Calvert tries to re-argue old motions, tries judge's patience, gets CDs confiscated

Calvert tries to re-argue old motions, tries judge's patience, gets CDs confiscated

The courtroom drama continued in James Calvert's capital murder case Thursday. He's inching toward a trial scheduled for October--based on the accusation that he murdered his ex-wife Jelena before going on the run with his son.

Now the court could be starting to lose patience.

Calvert continued to push boundaries Thursday after firing his court-appointed attorneys and going it alone with little to no legal experience. He objected to Judge Jack Skeen Jr's safety-related decision to confiscate CDs and DVDs from his cell--meant to keep him from shattering a disk and then use the shards as a weapon.

"Obviously it was kind of a shock to me when Lieutenant Wiginton came in and said 'well now you gotta put your CDs in the packet,'" Calvert said, requesting that the judge reconsider.

"That request is denied," Skeen said.

Calvert's loss on that comes after last week's disaster of a hearing when one of his old friends appeared to collapse on the witness stand.

Later Calvert started dredging up old motions and trying to re-argue them--including another attempt at proving he was being illegally held--which left Skeen reaching for transcripts to remind Calvert what had already happened.

"Then you said 'Well I move the court to release me immediately if there is no valid commitment,'" Skeen said as he read slowly and deliberately from the transcript. "[Assistant District Attorney April] Sikes said 'Well I'm certainly going to object to that judge. He's being held, I think, on a $25 million bond.'"

Finally Calvert demanded written transcripts of secret grand jury proceedings.

"There's probably going to be a transcription and that's what I'm asking for," Calvert said.

"I can tell you there certainly were witnesses who testified before the grand and none of them were transcribed," Sikes said.

Calvert questioned whether Sikes was lying.

"I am very confident she would not state to the court there was no transcription of any witness before the grand jury unless that was the gospel truth," Skeen said.

Calvert also introduced a new motion to be considered in two weeks. It's an attempt to legally bar District Attorney Matt Bingham from making derogatory statements about him, though CBS 19 has no record of Bingham addressing Calvert or his case outside the courtroom.


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