Car caught on the edge of a washed out road in Smith County

Car caught on the edge of a washed out road in Smith County

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - Flooded roads, cars trapped in the water, and one woman was even caught teetering on the edge of a washed out culvert.

Neighbors say they saw the woman drive down the road to the bridge where there was water, but the fast moving water caught her and the road began to crumble under her car.

That's when they had to help.

The car was left, windshield wipers still running, teetering on the edge of a washed out culvert.

"When she got to the culverts, the front end of the car caved in. It was scary," says Mae Reid.

Mae Reid saw the car go under the water and knew she had to do something to help.

"I helt to the pavement with my toes and my hands and I scooted through the water to the car and I said, 'honey, are you alright?' She said yes. And I said, 'be real still,'" says Reid.

Reid says police came and pulled the woman from the car.

"In a situation like this, the washout under the roadway could've been going on, corroding, for many years. No way of knowing for sure at this time," says Lt. Aaron Munn with Lindale Fire.

Fast moving water covered many roads in Smtih County, county road 411 was nearly impassable.

Many roads were shut down to keep people out of danger.

"Numerous incidences like this where the roadway was washed out around culverts. It's a fairly common occurrence," says Lt. Munn.

Reid hoped the rain would recede from her back yard, and stay out of her house.

"It's bad, at least 4 feet in the storage buildings and the shop," says Reid.

It stalled work for first responders.

"Multiple incidents going on in the area, because of that, lot of wreckers being used on other calls," says Lt. Munn.

Trying to pick up some of the damage left behind.

"We pray it stops raining," says Reid.

Smith County Road and Bridge crews are out assessing the damage to the road to determine how it can be fixed.

They're faced with a similar situation in other parts of the county as well, where water covered many roadways with the storms today.

County road 463 was shut down in addition to Wood Springs Road, both run near Lindale Junior High School.

Lindale ISD says it could be at least a week before wood springs drive is reopened and people are using detours until then.

No one was reported injured.


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