Carry the Load Marches Through East Texas

Carry the Load Marches Through East Texas

MOUNT PLEASANT (KYTX) - Young and old lined the streets of Mount Pleasant to welcome this group of marchers. New York City, Annapolis, Charlotte, Memphis, Little Rock, and now Mount Pleasant. A Marine on the front lines in Iraq, Veteran Rusty Brooks sacrificed limbs for his country. He says these tributes give him chill bumps.  

"We haven't really seen this kind of support since WWII. It's incredible to be here." - Rusty Brooks, Veteran
Carry the Load treks across the nation raising awareness of the true meaning of Memorial Day making sure to appreciate Veterans like Brooks.   One of the founders of the march, Mark Driscoll says he remembers his friends never coming home from Nam. He is carrying their memory with him.  
"I didn't get picked, but a lot of my friends did. And they came back in boxes. I though it was despicable how we treated these guys" - Mark Driscoll, Executive Producer
To never let the memory die, these marchers take turns walking and carrying the memories for 10 mile sections, then rest on this bus while other marchers take their spot. In each community the march snowballs and grows. More than 300 East Texans joined the marchers all the way into Mount Vernon.   Kellye Cooper has a son currently serving in Washington D.C. and organized Mount Pleasant's support rally.
"It only takes one person to show support. If we don't, they won't know that we do." - Kellye Cooper, Mother of Soldier 
Brooks says seeing children waving the flag  with conviction is the biggest reward for his service.
"They are the future. The people that are going to carry this country on will be these kids out here."
The marchers food, water, and gas is all paid for by private sponsors.


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