Cars Shot with BB Guns in Longview

Justin and Gillian,

Police tell me it happened early this morning.

Victims say it's an expensive headache -- made worse by the fact that thanksgiving is just a day away.

Shattered windows

Temporarily fixed

But as the victims of Wednesday morning's vandalism pick up the broken pieces Police are looking for who did it.

"With school being out it's typical of something teens might do, so if someone is bragging on Facebook call in"- Kristie Brian, LV PIO

Bragging about the 30-plus cars they shot with BB guns. Shattering windows, chipping paint, and denting the metal.

16-year old Alana Hadly was having a sleep over with 6 other girls at the time of the vandalism , she says they missed her windows but damaged her friends.

"She was crying, she waited for us to come out and look at her car, she didn't know what was going on" - Alana Hadly, victim

The cars hit were primarily north of Marshall and west of Bill Owens and the targets were random.

Victim John Root even missed a job interview Wednesday morning trying to clean up the mess.

"They got the windows, some chipped paint, and dents in the vehicles. Been out here getting them knockout, cleaning up the glass, and been getting ready to put a new window in here" - John Root, victim

Police say there are probably more cars hit that just weren't reported and, with the high number of cars damaged, the people responsible are looking at possible felony charges.

Alana is glad her windows didn't get hit but she hopes police catch the vandals before they cause more damage..


John Root it will take $500 to repair his passenger side window alone.

Tonight, Police are just thankful no one got hurt.

In Longview Gregg County I'm Kevin Boyce KYTX CBS 19 News.


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