CBS 19 Exclusive: White Oak mascot speaks out about alleged assault

Mascot Attack

BULLARD (KYTX) - Last Friday night, "Joe The White oak Roughneck," was pumping up the crowd.

He was entertaining an audience of thousands at a high school football game at Panther Stadium in Bullard.

But, under this rough exterior is someone you might not expect, it's a 15-year-old girl.

"Really, I can't even see out of the mascot uniform. I can only see upwards. I can't remember faces. I can only remember what was said," said Madison Mabry.

Before halftime, Madison Mabry, says she was heading to the bathroom and concession area at Panther Stadium to change out of her mascot uniform.

Suddenly, Madison says she felt a punch.

"Then it was someone who poured Mountain Dew all over me, thumping me in the back of the head and kicking me everywhere on the mascot uniform," explained Mabry.

She says her attackers, who may have been middle school students, shouted at her.

"White Oak is going to lose, we're going to kick...choice words," said Mabry.

"It our number one priority at any of our school activities that we keep students, spectators and adults safe," said Keith Bryant.

Bullard ISD Superintendent Keith Bryant says four officers and one security guard were stationed around the stadium Friday night.

"We're just trying to determine whether Bullard kids were involved, and if so, who were they, what were there ages," said Bryant.

This case is complicated, because there were no witnesses to the alleged assault.

For Madison, who is also a professional singer, and will be recording her first CD soon, she says this is a chance for her to send a message.

"It gives me a few song ideas. It just makes it more real that I need to put that word out there, that bullying needs to stop," said Mabry.

This case is in the hands of Bullard police. We're told they have interviewed several people and are hoping to close this case soon.

Bullard Superintendent Keith Bryant mentioned thousands of people were at the game, and not all were Bullard students.

Bullard police ask, if you have any information about this alleged assault, to give them a call.


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