CBS 19 Investigates: Total Health Care's missing records

In a last-ditch-effort email to CBS 19, an Illinois-based Social Security disability claims company expressed frustration over the seeming disappearance of health records from Total Health Care clinic following its shutdown in August.

"[We] are helping one of Tyler's residents with her claim," The Shaw Group's Dawn Greathouse wrote. "Unfortunately her main provider was Total healthcare. I found your article on the internet and am hoping you can assist us. I had faxed several requests to THC for her medical records but they had not responded prior to the shutdown."

When we started looking for an answer, it turned out to be both simple and very complicated.

"It was a surprise that Total Health Care was closing and it was also a surprise that their records would be coming to us," Tyler Family Circle of Care C.O.O. Andrea Anderson said.

Anderson said her clinic has had the records for a while now. The problem is those records are a mix of paper and electronic. The electronic ones are incomplete and most of the paper ones are in a warehouse with an incomplete organization system.

"They had a very different system of logging those than we do," Anderson said. "They used a paper log system. So you can imagine the challenge with retrieval of those records."

Circle of care employees have been working huge amounts of overtime for months--trying to figure out what's there and make it available to people. Anderson said, on top of that, her clinic is undergoing forced expansion as it absorbs Total Health Care's patients.

She's proud of how they're handling the challenge.

"It was a challenge in regard to patients who were very frustrated that their clinic had closed," Anderson said. "There were patients who were challenged and frustrated that they were not able to obtain their records before that clinic closed."

Circle of Care's other challenge is that the records did not come with a comprehensive client list. That has left the clinic without a way of easily contacting all former Total Health Care patients to let them know where their records are until employees complete their re-cataloguing of the physical files.

Anyone seeking a copy of their Total Health Care records will need to go to Tyler Family Circle of Care (214 East Houston Street or 2990 North Broadway Avenue), fill out a form and show a photo I.D.


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