Charges after Houston teen lies, boyfriend shot dead?

Charges after Houston teen lies, boyfriend shot dead?

TYLER (KYTX) - A teenage boy shot to death last week after being found  in a teenage girl's bedroom has been laid to rest. The man responsible, the girl's father, could be indicted for murder.

Reports say the incident escalated after the girl told her father she didn't know the boy, when in fact she did.

CBS 19'S Katiera Winfrey explains what trouble the girl could face, just for lying.

Lying can have dire consequences. One Houston area girl found that out the hard way, when she lied telling her father she didn't know the boy found in her bedroom at two in the morning. 

Her father is facing murder charges and her boyfriend was shot to dead.

"It's a lesson to all people tell the truth do the right thing," said practicing attorney Cynthia Stevens-Kent. Kent said it's law enforcement protocol to investigate any type of shooting.  If a grand jury indicts the man he could go to trial.

"I don't fault the dad for protecting his daughter," said James Scott who has a couple daughters of his own.

"In his mind I think he believed he was protecting his daughter."

Linda Harrington has two sons. She believes the father was protecting his home too, but other steps should have been taken.

"I do think he overreacted, I just don't  think you shoot and ask questions later," Harrington said.

Now it's too late to ask questions or turn back the clock. While the father is waiting to find out if he'll face charges, what consequences the daughter could face for lying? Most likely none.

"When you're in your own home telling your dad yo don't know this boy, that's a lie to your father. that's not perjury or criminal conduct," said Kent.

Based on the information so far released to the public, Kent says and indictment is unlikely. However the impact of this incident will have lasting effects.

Kent's message for teenagers or anyone who lies about things like this: Although lying to your parents isn't illegal, lying to police, in court or on an affidavit is. If you are caught, you could face perjury charges.



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