Chevy dealership owner, assistant accused of improper sexual contact with teen employee

CROSBY (KHOU) -- He made headlines last year for his daring act and became an instant hero. Rik Melartin earned the nickname "The Finnisher" after he caught a burglar in his Bellaire neighborhood.

The 51-year-old Olympian from Finland had pulled a gun on an armed driveway robber who had held up his neighbor.

Later, he turned that brave act into a successful ad campaign for his car dealership.

Riku Pekka Melartin, 51, the owner of John Keating Chevrolet dealership in Crosby and his assistant are both accused of having improper sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl who worked at the lot, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Melartin was charged with sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child. His assistant, 37-year-old George Maroun Koutani, was charged with indecency with a child.

The teen, who worked as a receptionist at the lot, said she was approached by Melartin near closing time in early August. On that day, he offered her an open can of Monster drink. The girl said the drink tasted funny, and Melartin later admitted to spiking it with alcohol, according to court documents.

After giving the girl the drink, Melartin allegedly told the girl he needed her to show Koutani something in the upstairs office. He followed the girl into the office and once inside, both men allegedly began to fondle the child.

Later that month, Melartin gave the teen $200 to show him her naked body. He fondled her once again and exposed himself to her, investigators said.

On October 17, Melartin approached the teen again and, this time, allegedly had sex with her in the office.

"We went to dinner regularly. He's met my mom when she's come to visit, we've met his children," said the victim's mother who spoke with 11 News on condition of anonymity.

She said in hindsight, she believes that Melartin's actions were premeditated.

This girl's mother suspects there are other victims too.

"I feel that he's paid his way out of it," she said. "And I, I really feel that there are people out there that need to come forward so that Rik can be brought to justice."

The girl's father received a tip from an anonymous caller who said he overheard Koutani bragging about his encounter with the girl. The caller said he, too, was a father and would have wanted someone to look out for him in the same way.

The girl's father and mother then confronted the teen about the allegations. The girl was taken to Texas Children's Hospital for a medical examination and abrasions received through sexual contact were found.

The girl said she received at least $500 from Melartin between the three incidents.

The girl's mother claimed Melartin soon tried to pay them off. They have since hired attorneys.

"It makes me angry and it makes me feel that it's easier for him to pre-own victims because people are not aware of who he really is," she said.

Koutani is out on bond.

Melartin was given no bond.

A call to Melartin on Wednesday was not returned. A receptionist hung up the phone at his Chevy dealership.


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