Children Are A Gift: Brianna, Gaige and Calliegh

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Three adorable children sure to make parents proud. They are currently in foster care, waiting for the right forever family.  

Brianna, Gaige and Calliegh are happy, healthy children who like to play with animals at the zoo.

"They are very bonded to each other and they love each other," Child Protective Services Caseworker Cindy Hodges said. 

Brianna is 5 years old and the oldest.

"Brianna is a little mother to them," Hodges said. "She enjoys taking care of them and they respond to her and they like having her as their big sister."

Brianna is a sweet, soft spoken little girl who just started kindergarten.

"We do homework," she said. "I like to color."

Gaige is 3 years old.

"It has taken him a little while to talk but he's recently started talking a lot more," Hodges said. "He's learned a lot of new words. He's very active. He loves to play and run and he gets along well with other kids."

Calliegh is the youngest. She's a typical 2 year old.

"She has started showing a little bit of independence," Hodges said. "She likes to do things for herself and if you try to assist her she will let you know that she doesn't need your help."  

But help is exactly what all of these siblings need. 

"They are still grieving the lose of their birth family," Hodges said. "In a lot of ways they still don't understand what has happened. They need parents with a lot of patience and a lot of love."


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