Children Are A Gift: Diane

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) - Shes a delightful teenager who will bring a lot of joy to a family. This East Texas foster child is also a pleasure to be around. Diane is very creative. Picking up a paintbrush and dipping it in the yellow paint, she said she enjoys expressing herself through art. I love Sponge Bob. Hes my favorite character.

Shes a sweet, very talkative girl, said Child Protective Services social worker Ashley Gipson. Workers can say nothing negative about her. Shes just your happy, energetic 13-year-old.

Washing out her brush she said, My favorite color is pink.

This sixth-grader is very polite and does well in school. Its fun. I have a lot of friends and they're nice to me. My favorite thing to do in school is social studies.

As she spread more paint around her paper she said, When I grow up I want to be a chef. Making pecan pie is my favorite.

Diane is making the most of her time in foster care. I like it. Its just [that] I miss my brother. Shes hoping a forever family will let her maintain contact with him.

She would do best in a two-parent family and would enjoy having siblings again. I asked her, What kind of family would you like? She replied, Any! Just as long as they love me.

Ashley explained, She needs a family that is going to advocate for her in school. One that is going to work with her in the areas that she struggles with. She needs one that will be patient with her and work with her for who she is and for where she is at this time, allowing her time to adjust to them.

I asked her, What makes you happy? Without missing a brush stroke she said, That we go to church. I just got saved.

Relying on her faith, Diane is hopeful her future will bring a lot of opportunities. She has the potential to be whatever she wants to be. There's no limits on what she can be, said Ashley.

To learn more about Diane, join Gillian Sheridan for her Children are a Gift report, Tuesday night on CBS 19 ten @ 10. You can also find information on and To inquire about an East Texas child waiting to be adopted call 903-533-4109.


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