Children Are A Gift: Elijah

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- "I'm very excited to bowl."

Elijah is a very social teenager. This 13 year old has a huge heart and an even bigger smile.

"He's a good kid all around," Azleway Boys Ranch Sunny Savage said. "A good kid all around."

He's making the most of spending the last six years in foster care.

"When he first came he used to get in trouble a lot with me. His main thing is he didn't like to clean. But now he's gotten on board and he's usually the first one to start doing chores."

Elijah is very active and enjoys playing sports.

"He can be on the basketball court and that's his thing; basketball, basketball, basketball."

Elijah has a big personality with a great sense of humor. He is described as a comedian.

"Everyone knows that his major coping skill is humor. So if we are doing group and people start getting out of line, he'll start cracking jokes."

Elijah is an outstanding 8th grader who enjoys reading.

"It's a good school and I've got nice teachers."

"Elijah is like the smartest kid in my cottage by far," Savage said. "He makes all A's and B's."

This young man's potential is limitless and he's got a plan for his future.

"I like the military and I'm going to serve my country... And I'm going to work my way up to be a four star general."

And he's hoping his future includes a forever family.

"Cause I want to have a family that cares about me and it's kind of boring moving from place to place."


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