Children Are A Gift: Japiera and Jamya

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Japiera and Jamya are more than just sisters.

"I love her so much. She's like my best friend."

They've gotten even closer spending the last two years in foster care.

"They definitely want to stay together as sisters," Child Protective Services Lori Sutton-White said. "They've always been together."

12-Year-old Japiera is the big sister. She's well behaved and likes things neat and organized. Math and science are her favorite subjects.

"School, I'm doing good in," she said. "I am making A's and B's."

"I like to write. I would one day like to write children's books."

Japiera is caring but cautious and could use some help boosting her self-esteem..

"She has not been given all of the attention she deserves growing up," Sutton-White said. "If you try and pay her a compliment she's going to turn it around and pass it on to her sister."

Jamya is 8 years old.

"I like to go play outside," she said. "I like to ride my bike and I like to go swimming. I play with Polly Pocket and a Barbie doll."

"She is always looking to be the center of attention," Sutton-White said. "She has a ton of energy."

She is about to enter the second grade.

"It's awesome," she said. "I like doing my work and don't cheat on no bodies paper."

These siblings need a home that will provide structure, emotional support and positive attention.

"Helping them to develop that trust, that's going to take a while," Sutton-White said. "They've had so many unexpected changes in their life."

The thing they want most, is to have a family to call their own.

"I want a real family to take care of me, and everybody doesn't have to be saying are you in foster care, you don't have a real mom and dad. So I want to be adopted to say I do have a mom and dad. Adopted means that you get to keep the kids forever."


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