Children Are A Gift: Jared, a teenager learning to trust again

TYLER (KYTX) -- Jared is a typical 14-year-old. "I like to play Guitar Hero. I like to play lots of games!"

"Jared is a really fun kid. He has an outgoing personality," said Jessica Callaway, his caseworker with Child Protective Services.

This 7th-grader is an active, happy teenager who likes sports "I like outdoors. I like camping, football and swimming. I like to do a lot of stuff outside," said Jared.

Callaway adds, "He's very adventurous. He likes 4-wheelers and go-carts and things like that."

After spending most of his life in foster care, this young boy began to wonder if he'd ever have a family of his own again.

"Until recently I don't know that he thought it was a true possibility for him." Callaway goes on to say, "He's getting older and he's longing for those relationships even more."

And he's working on trusting again. "I need some help dealing with what the real world is like." I asked him, "What do you think it's like?" He replied, "I don't know, I haven't been out in the real world that long. It kinda does scare me because I've never been out there that much. I was only out there when I was 4 [years old]."

"He's had several letdowns throughout the years, but he still has an open heart. I think with the right family, if he felt secure and safe, that he would really thrive in that kind of environment," said Callaway.

A boy with a lot of love to give, just waiting to share it with a forever family.


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