Children Are A Gift: Keith

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- He's a young man with a talent for playing music.

"One thing I like to do that you may have noticed is play the flute and I like to play some sports," he said.

Keith is a well-mannered and respectful teenager who enjoys reading and playing video games. 

"He's a very polite young man," Evelyn Roberts, Keith's foster mom said. "He'll open and close doors for me all the time. Anything I ask him to do he will do and he volunteers to do things." 

Keith is in the 9th grade and is adjusting to being in high school. This 14 year old is shy at first, but warms up quickly to strangers.

"It's hard making new friends when you're at a new school," he said.

"He's a good kid," Roberts said. "He makes excellent grades. Never has any problems in school."

Keith has been in foster care almost six long years. While he makes the best of it, there are tough times like not being with his parents.

But he has gotten a lot of support from his foster parents.

"I wouldn't want to leave the parents I have right now," he said. "I love them."

"Some kids you bond with quicker than others and Keith and I have bonded very quickly," Roberts said. "You can just see it, the love he has for people and that he wants to be in a family where it's shown back to him."

This teenager gets along well with others and is ready to have a family of his own again.   

"What Keith needs most, is a lot of love and attention," Roberts said. "I think he has great potential to become anything that he wants to be."

"It would mean a lot to me to be adopted."


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