Children Are A Gift: Marquice, Janice and Charlene

TYLER (KYTX) – Three siblings show up at Portrait Innovation in Tyler to pose for pictures together. These snapshots are a great keepsake for these children who don't get to see each other everyday anymore.

"We've been recruiting for this group for over a year and we just haven't been able to find that perfect family for them and I think at this point they are disappointed and they are thinking there is not a forever family for them," said Ashley Gipson, with Child Protective Services.

Marquice, Janice and Charlene have spent a majority of their life split-up in foster care and their wish is to be adopted together. "Cause they're my sisters and we're supposed to be together," said Marquice, the big brother.

Marquice keeps a close eye on his little sisters. He's 13-years-old. "Being a teenager is awesome!" And he likes to stay active. "I do all sports except baseball and soccer. I'm going to try out for running back."

Janice is 11 and the most outgoing of the group. "I like to swim. I like to play outside a lot."

This friendly young girl is always smiles and optimistic about her future. "I want to have kids, just two. I want a dog and a big, big house with security," said Janice.

The youngest is 10-year-old Charlene. She's the most reserved of the three. She is looking forward to the 5th-grade. "[I like] reading, writing and science and math."

Gipson said, "She's real active. Loves to dance. Loves to sing. She wants to be a cheerleader and she's ready to be adopted."

They would do best in an active family, willing to keep them involved in church.

"They need a family that is going to be 100% committed to them" and committed to rejoining these siblings in a forever family.

To learn more about Marquice, Janice and Charlene, join Gillian Sheridan for her "Children are a Gift" report, Tuesday night on CBS 19 Ten @ 10. You can also find information on and To inquire about an East Texas child waiting to be adopted call 903-533-4109.


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