Children Are A Gift: William

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- He's a teenager with a big heart and is eager to be adopted. 

If it has four wheels and goes fast, this teenager wants a ride. William likes sports cars, especially Corvettes and Camaros.

He was in awe walking around the Peliter Dealership in Tyler and getting to ride in some pretty fancy cars. 

William soaks up everything around him and likes adventure.

"Really anything outdoors. He'll take apart bicycles and put them into one. Very crafty. Loves to do arts and crafts. Anything like that he's right there."

"I can make stuff out of pretty much anything," he said.

This teenager wears his emotions on his sleeve and is very caring.

"Extremely soft-hearted. He's a very loving, loving child. He stands out above others really in that area especially."

"I'm very good with babies," he said. "I can make 'em go to sleep and stuff. I can take care of em, feed 'em, change 'em."

William has spent the past two years in foster care.

"I just don't know if they can find someone who wants to adopt me," he said.

He tries to stay strong while he waits and focus on the 7th grade.

"The only reason I keep myself going is because I need to get an education."

A forever family would give William the encouragement he needs to reach his dreams. For now, those dreams include a lot of cars. 


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