Christmas tree safety reduces house fires during the holiday season

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - "It's the most Wonderful time of year and while people are out buying their Christmas trees, wrapping paper, and decorations, the Longview Fire Department says it's important to keep in mind the safety measures that come along with having a Christmas tree."

Angela Hanley says, so caught up that she sometimes forgets to think about safety.

"To be honest we probably don't."

We're just so excited about putting the tree out and the tradition after Thanksgiving, you just get caught up in the moment."

"We are concerned about the fire hazards that come along with Christmas."

Longview Police Chief Johnny Zachary says with all of the electric lights, extension cords and tiny decorations, fire hazard increase inside the home during the Christmas season.

"Cautions, warning or warranties or anything like that, we just don't pay a whole lot of attention to that."

 "A few prevention tips now could save you from having a tragic loss during a very happy time of the year."

He says there are 4 main causes to Christmas tree fires, whether a you have a live or artificial tree.

Fires can start as a result of:

    1. Candles being too close to the tree
    2. having overloaded power extension cords
    3. lights wrapped too tight around the tree
    4. the tree being too close to your fireplace

Because you don't wasn't to see these guys in your living room, putting out a fire like this one.

And here at the Jake's Feed Christmas Tree Farm, they say one of the best things to do to keep your tree free from any fire hazards with all of the decorations and ornaments on it, is to cut off about an inch and a half of the trunk like we're about to do here."

And make sure to keep plenty of water in the tree stand to keep the needles and branches of your live tree hydrated.

"Because if it does dry out, then everything on it will dry out."

Making it easier for a fire to start...

And while taking down your Christmas tree is never as fun as putting it up, The Longview Fire Department wants to remind everyone, the longer the tree stays up the more of a fire hazard it becomes. They say it's best to discard the tree one month after purchase.


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