Church unveils 10 Commandments Monument in Lindale

Church unveils 10 Commandments Monument in Lindale

LINDALE (KYTX) - They've caused controversy when placed in front of government buildings -- but now the Ten Commandments stand proudly in front of an east Texas church.

The eight foot by eight foot monument was unveiled today --at the Lindale Assembly of God. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains what the church hopes will come from the big reveal

It's tall, silver and inscribed with words written centuries ago.

"This is fabulous I'm just so excited about it," said church member Judy Hulsey.

It's the ten commandments the bibles tells the story of how the rules of the land was delivered a top a mountain to historic religious follower *Moses...

"The school in the public area, is always gonna come under fire  for trying to put up religious symbols of any kind," said the church Pastor Paul Ransberger.

The 8 by 8 foot re-make of the commandments were delivered to the citizens of Lindale. 
Ransberger says the monument makes a statement.

"The morals of our nation is falling fast we need to stop and  get it turned around readopt gods policy in our lives," he said.

For years, controversy surround the inability to allow  prayer and the commandments to be posted in schools and government buildings has spurred his desire to be a voice.

"We're having to step up, while they're making others step  back.

The monument sits on church property, however due to city ordinances, their were limitations.
The Lindale sign regulations outlines how far away the sign needs to be from specified locations, and it outlines how large it should be and what material it can be made of, to name just a few.

Supporters of the commandments say, the process has been worth it.

"I know it can be such an impact, I know when people see what  god says, it makes a difference."



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